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Industrial Champion


E7 Group has established a proud and successful legacy of utilizing best-in-class technology to create customized solutions for customers across Abu Dhabi, the region, and the world. A commitment to excellence has earned high satisfaction and retention among customers who trust E7 Group delivers integrated services at the highest standards. Today, E7 Group is undertaking a growth transformation to become a partner of choice for national and global clients by providing comprehensive security printing and packaging solutions. E7 Group is part of ADQ, one of the region's largest holding companies with a broad portfolio of major enterprises spanning key sectors of
Abu Dhabi's diversified economy.

About Us

17 Years
1300 +

Business Units

E7 Group is a diversified company with four integrated verticals providing customers with one-stop shop solutions for security printing and identity management, packaging, printing & publishing and logistics services.


E7 Security

E7 Security is a market leading provider of total security printing solutions that serve the evolving and expanding needs of customers in the banking, government, telecom, retail, hospitality, and transport sectors. E7 Security meets these needs with flexibility, reliability, and confidence and with a state-of-the art security system, providing critical products like banking cards, telecom cards, national ID cards, and passports.


E7 Packaging

E7 Packaging utilizes state-of-the-art machinery to produce foldable boxes, disposable food packaging, frozen food packaging, and paper cups with plans to further diversify offerings. With a focus on sustainability,
E7 Packaging has adopted industry best practices and state-of-the-art technology and sources certified recycled paper.


E7 Printing

E7 Printing is focused on commercial printing including newspapers, magazines, books, outdoor printing collaterals and educational publishing solutions. With a fleet of a dozen machines, E7 Printing is amongst the largest commercial printers in the region and consistently provides customers with quality products of the highest standards.


Tawzea by E7

Tawzea by E7 supports customers through a range of services including fulfilment, distributions, logistics, mailing room services and dedicated customer service teams.


E7 Group is committed to incorporating ESG values across all its operations with a sharp focus on building the circular economy, enhancing energy efficiency, and developing a skilled workforce.

Some of our key highlights are:

  • Contributing to the circular economy by printing on recycled
    paper and utilizing cups and boxes that are recyclable.
  • Implementing energy efficiency plans at production plants including hybrid-powered vehicles for customer shipments.
  • Enhanced sustainable solutions for packaging.
  • Increasing training, learning, and professional development opportunities to support a knowledgeable, skilled, and diverse workforce.


As E7 Group looks to the future, the company aspires to be a sustainable industrial champion for Abu Dhabi and envisions a high-growth strategy that is focused on investing in its technological capabilities to expand
its vertical and horizontal product offerings and cater to growing regional and global demand.

E7 Group's growth strategy is built to meaningfully contribute
to the economic prosperity of the UAE by expanding our presence
in international markets, investing in new digital technologies to unlock increased value from the security printing sector, providing

sustainable packing solutions with high customer service levels,
and building long-term relationships and high customer retention rates through custom solutions.

Through strategic investments, the company is poised to benefit
from the increasing demand of highly secure printing solutions attributed to the UAE's ambitions of becoming a smart and digitally connected country and Abu Dhabi's goal of becoming a global industrial hub.


As our nation grows, E7 Group is there every step of the way through our established long-term relationships with the most important companies and government entities   in the UAE. We are proud to deliver our innovative and cutting-edge expertise with
a proven reputation of quality and reliability. It is an honour to lead so many dedicated professionals who are committed every day to providing customer-centric solutions while building a sustainable and secure future for Abu Dhabi.


Ali Saif Ali Abdulla Alnuaimi


Key Customer Sectors

  • Government Entities
  • Financial Institutions
  • Education & Healthcare
  • Food & Beverage
  • Transportation
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Media
  • Retailers
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