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Established in Abu Dhabi in 2006, E7 Group is a leading security solutions, commercial printing, packaging, logistics, and fulfilment business. Listed on the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange (ADX), the Group's largest shareholder is ADQ, one of the region's largest holding companies.

The listing of E7 followed its acquisition in 2023 by Abu Dhabi Acquisition Corporation, the MENA region's first SPAC. As a highly specialised, high-growth business, E7 Group comprises four distinct divisions: E7 Printing, E7 Security, E7 Packaging and Tawzea
by E7. Collectively, these divisions represent a comprehensive one-stop-shop for technically advanced security solutions, the manufacture
of sustainable printing and packaging products, and digitally enabled fulfilment services.

Overview Of Services

E7 Group is a diversified company with four integrated verticals providing customers with one-stop shop solutions for security printing and identity management, packaging, printing, and publishing and logistics services.

E7 Security

E7 Security is a market leader in total security and identification solutions for banks, governments, telecommunications companies, retailers
and businesses within the hospitality and transport sectors. Leveraging next-generation data security technologies and state-of-the-art security systems, E7 Security creates identification materials critical to national security, including banking cards, telecommunications cards, national ID cards and passports.

E7 Printing

E7 Printing is one of the Gulf region's largest commercial printing businesses. The company leverages advanced digital printing technologies
to provide organisations with books, outdoor printing materials, high-quality newspapers and magazines. Dedicated to investing in modern printing and publishing technologies, E7 Printing is committed to the sustainable and ethical use of resources across all its operations.

E7 Packaging

E7 Packaging utilizes state-of-the-art machinery to produce foldable boxes, disposable food packaging, frozen food packaging, and paper cups with plans to further diversify offerings. With a focus on sustainability, E7 Packaging has adopted industry best practices and state-of-the-art technology and sources certified recycled paper.

Tawzea by E7

Tawzea by E7 supports customers through a range of services including fulfilment, distributions, logistics, mailing room services and dedicated customer service teams.

Financial information

The following sections provide information on E7 Group's historical financial results, including its revenue mix, year-on-year CAGR growth, regulatory filings, pre-IPO valuation, share distribution fundraising targets and anticipated post-IPO cash position.

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Corporate governance

E7 Group aims to achieve sustainable growth through a comprehensive corporate governance framework, a transparent and resilient operating model, data protection protocols, regulatory alignment, and a commitment to ethical and responsible governance practices. The following sections detail the Group's management structure and committees, including its Board of Directors, which is 75% independent.

Warrant conversion requests

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E7 became a public shareholding company in 2023.

E7 trades on the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange's (ADX) main market.


E7 typically hosts its Annual General Meetings in Q2 of each year.

Any shareholder of E7, or their respective proxy, is eligible to attend the Annual General Meeting.

Shareholders or their respective proxies can exercise their voting rights during the AGM on any matter within the AGM's agenda.

E7's latest investor-related announcements can be accessed from the IR page.

E7's fiscal year ends on the 31st of December of the respective year.

E7 reports its financial results on a quarterly basis.

E7's financial data and KPIs are available on the Financial Information section. Our historical financial statements may also be accessed through the Financial Information section under ‹Financial Statements›.

E7's shares can be traded on the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange (ADX) through a licensed brokerage firm. The individual must first obtain an investor number (NIN) from ADX to be eligible to invest.

For more information on trading shares of E7 on ADX, please visit the Become an Investor and How to Trade sections of the ADX website.


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